I was reading about the hosting of ‘jabber’ and I’m a little confused.

Can’t you just download it by itself? What are the advantages of running it ‘through’ dreamhost?


You’ll be able to give users the option to have an account (name@yourdomain.com) with your site, or you and your ‘team’ will have a jabber presence (yourselves@yourdomain.com) since that’s how jabber works.
Essentially it’s a service on your domain that will allow you to interact with other jabber users and even other IM accounts (AIM, ICQ, Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo!)
I believe the advantage is in branding.



[quote]I believe the advantage is in branding.


That’s one of the bigger advantages, definitely.

There’s also a benefit in that Jabber is the first time someone has tried to make instant messaging an open Internet standard, like email or HTML.

The advantage to this is that you’re not placing all of your eggs in a proprietary network run by a single company - this keeps competition going, and gives you the ability to change providers without having to change your instant message ‘ID’.

Also, while there are a number of 3rd party instant messaging clients that communicate with AIM, ICQ, MSN, etc., they are usually based around a closed, proprietary protocol - this means that those networks can make minor changes to break the existing clients, bar them from connecting to their networks, obfuscate protocols so that they can’t support new features, etc. Jabber is entirely open, so anyone who wants to make a Jabber client will have all the information they need to make a good one.

History has shown that the most ubiquitous and universal Internet protocols/standards are those that are open. Jabber is pretty small right now, but we wanted to support it before the rest of the web hosting industry even noticed it (as far as we know, we are the very first web hosting company to support instant messaging ‘at’ the customer’s domain).

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Thanks for the info guys. I’m still a little confused, but I’m sure when I play with it it will come clear.

I’ve use trillian now, and like it…I’ll see how it goes with jabber.

[quote]I’ve use trillian now, and like it…I’ll see how it goes
with jabber.


One of the drawbacks of Jabber right now is that most of the Jabber clients out there are still pretty early in their life cycle, and aren’t always as complete/feature-filled as the more established clients (like Trillian).

In time, though, the benefit that there are numerous clients available will really prove itself, as you’ll have a lot of choice on how you use your instant messaging service.

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You can’t “download Jabber” any more than you can “download email” or “Download the Internet”. Jabber is a protocol, rather than a piece of software.

You can of course download one of the Jabber server or client implementations. The most popular server is the open sourced project at jabber.org (this is the code DH are using) but it is not the only one. There are a large range of clients you can download from jabbercentral.com.

You can run a Jabber server yourself of course, in the same way as you could run a web server or a mail server yourself. Most people don’t want to however which is why DH is in business. The same advantages that apply to having DH run your web or mail servers apply to them running your Jabber server.

It is also worth pointing out that while most people use Jabber as an Instant Messenging system (and this is how DH are pushing it), it is much more than that.

Since it is based on XML, you are free to extend the protocol in any yway you need. Once you have a Jabber server accessible by your website, you could use it for authentication/validation/notification/etc etc.

Your website could push news articles or stock quotes to subscribed users as they were updated. The possibilities are endless.


Ahhh, That explains a lot. It’s all becoming clear now.

Thanks for the info Zilch