Jabber->Yahoo! Connection

Is there any plans to update the Yahoo! gateway on the Jabberd server? Earlier this month, Yahoo! changed their login methods causing many 3rd party apps to fail when connecting to Yahoo!'s service. Gaim, Fire.app and Proteus all have fixes for this…I’m wondering if something can be done in Jabberd to resolve this issue.


If you use Miranda, you can probably get your Yahoo! connection to work via their support forum. There are links to a dll file that seems to work.


This is really related to the Jabber service on DH’s servers and is not client specific. The Jabber transport runs on the remote Jabber server.




So back to the original question… is there a plan to update the yahoo transport?

I believe this is in the works, yes.

That said, we’re unlikely to continue to play these little games much longer -if yahoo keeps changing things around, I imagine we’d seriously consider removing the yahoo transport entirely.