Jabber/xmpp, mcabber, and dreamhost

I’m interested if anyone else is using this combination of software/technology, and if my problem sounds familiar. I’ve been using jabber on Dreamhost for many months (with Pidgin and other libpurple clients, mostly) and it’s worked fine. I recently switched to using mcabber (a ncurses, console client) and while it works quite well–even with the transports–there was a hiccup last night, which is of course frustrating, but excusable, and when it was done, I couldn’t get any other XMPP client to connect to my dreamhosted jabber account. Here are some details that might be useful:

  • I followed the directions on the KB wiki to add DNS entries to allow my dreamhost jid to be able to interact with google talk users, around this time. This hasn’t yet produced desirable results.

  • The transports crashed in the evening (central time) before this issue presented itself. It’s the christmas holiday for many, which I would accept as reason that something hasn’t been fixed on DH’s end.

  • I can establish new connections using mcabber, on different machines, but I using any client on any machine that I’ve tried so far hasn’t established a connection.

  • I created a new JID from a different domain on my account and it worked. This domain doesn’t have the DNS stuff set up.

I’ll run some more tests to see if I can narrow in on the problem. I guess there are two questions that I have at the moment:

  1. Is there some way to trigger a restart of the DH jabber server in question? It seems like some bit got flipped that needs to be unfliped.

  2. The xml file that (I assume) has my roster and other information on it, is owned by some other user so I can’t back that up. As a result I feel a bit trapped. Is there a way to get a back up of this data?

  3. Is it possible to run my own jabber server on my dreamhost account. I’m pretty adept, I mean I’d like to not have to worry about it, but having this work correctly is important for me.

If anyone has anything they can offer, that would be really great.