Jabber transport services activing

Hi friends,

My jabber account is using the msn service transport now. But, you are knowing that the Microsoft will finish the msn.

Then, what is necessary do for don’t lost my contacts and follow using my jabber account?

The structure is “user”@“my-domain”.

How can I active the others transport service?


Jabber transports have been effectively abandoned by the upstream maintainers (i.e, the Jabber developers, not us). This was mostly because they proved unreliable, and multi-protocol clients like Pidgin, Trillian, and the like have largely made them unnecessary.

If / when Microsoft shuts down the MSN protocol servers, you will probably need to start using Skype to keep in touch with those contacts. The Skype protocol remains stubbornly closed, and there is no practical way to connect to it without using the Skype client.

When, not if… March 15th, 2013