Jabber transport issues?

i’m having issues with some of the jabber transports, mainly the yahoo and msn ones… they will authorize and register, but say there is an issue with the remote server… are the transports outdated? or did yahoo or msn change/break their protocol stuff?

anyone else having issues?


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Recently I’ve heard of other users having some issues with the MSN Jabber transport. Awhile back another user and I did some testing we found that it’s outdated and an upgrade to the MSN transport should fix it.


I’ve been having the same problem with the MSN transport.

Yahoo and MSN Transports still not funtional?

I was hoping to play around with this feature some.

Yeah, the MSN transport seems hosed, but AIM is working fine and I registered with Yahoo no problem but haven’t actually tried using it. I submitted a support ticket about it a few minutes ago.


Can someone pleeeeese have a look at this, or at least reply to my tech support query?

Currently the AIM transport is the only one working. MSN and Yahoo are broken. I have no reason to believe that this is a problem at the server - rather something broke at Dreamhost and no one seems interested in fixing it. I messaged Jeff, but he seems to think I was the only one using said transports.

In the meantime I’m using the transports at syndicon.de - trouble is that there seems to be some sort of DNS issues between them and Dreamhost, so every once and a while they become uncontactable.


I’d like to have these transports updated as well. Both AIM and MSN aren’t working for me via Exodus.

I’ll add it to my todo list to look into the transport issues. We don’t make it a high priority to keep them updated, as many of you have noticed. The remote servers break them too often and not enough people use the transports to make it a high priority. Maybe with some luck the big IM providers will grow up a little and stop intentionally breaking things.

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Ok - this is a bit of a myth that has taken on a life of its own.

The main transport in question here (from my point of view) is the MSN one. It had been running faithfully from the day Dreamhost installed it (a few years at least). It’s now broken in the fact that it can no longer contact the MSN server for some reason. (I suspect a screwy Dreamhost DNS entry, but what would I know).

  • As far as I can tell Microsoft have never changed the protocol to stop competing clients connecting to their systems (in fact they used to connect in the same way to the AIM servers in the early days)
  • All the other Jabber servers I check have functioning MSN gateways. It is only the Dreamhost one that is broken. In fact I am using a 3rd party one now (when Dreamhost doesn’t have problems routing my packets to Germany)
  • I monitor the Jabber developer lists, and I did not see the usual flurry of emails that usually happen when one of the major IM providers change their protocols to break other clients (as far as I am aware this has only happened with AIM and Yahoo).
  • The MSN and Yahoo gateways broke on the same day. It is very unlikely that both companies changed their protocols on the same day.

There is a faint, outside possibility that Microsoft noticed a bunch of IM spam coming from the Dreamhost IP address and blocked it assuming we were spammers. I doubt this has happened though because I could portping the MSN server from my shell account.

In summary, an upgraded transport would be nice (2 or 3 years back level is a bit much for any software on a hosted server) but we would be mostly happy with getting the existing one fixed. The fact that not many people appear to be using the transports may have something to do with the fact that they don’t work.


I wouldn’t say Jabber is the major reason I came to Dreamhost, but it definitly is one of the reason. And a major advantage of Jabber is the transport.

I do agree Jabber transports are exactly an urgency priority, but I’m on the “it would be real nice real quick” side.


We’re going to look into why our transports aren’t working correctly now. The information Zilch provided should be very helpful.

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Let me know if you get stuck. I have a few contacts that I might be able to bug :slight_smile:


Any update on this?

I got an update from Support saying that they were no longer supported, and then when I queried it, an update saying it was being looked at but they were not sure if they could be fixed as the kept breaking all the time (I’m not sure if they have ever broken before)


I do use Yahoo! and would use Jabber’s transport if it worked. The Yahoo transport hasn’t worked in quite some time (at least the past year or more). Yahoo is known to change their authentication scheme from time to time (which usually causes other clients to break). Count me as a DH Yahoo! Jabber Transport user.

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I’m just now getting into it, and i would gladly use the MSN and Yahoo transports…but now i see as soon as i get it going, the transports aren’t working…

any status on this???

Hey - I just noticed that after the Sarge upgrade on my server (I presume thats what did it, but I hadn’t tried them in some time, so who knows?) the Yahoo and MSN transports appear to be working for me. I can confirm that Yahoo works. MSN appears to connect, but I don’t admit to knowing anyone who uses MSN Messenger…


The transports do work in Sarge, yep. Fixing them in Woody wasn’t worth the effort since we’re upgrading to Sarge everywhere.

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