Jabber server

Since the account of jabber are unlimited, can we create a service to give jabber’s account to anyone that request? i mean be one of this public servers http://www.xmpp.net/bydomain.shtml and this way promote our sites?

I don’t know if this needs some other things or if I don’t understand the idea :$, can anyone explain me this please.

And I’m sorry for my english.


I don’t think you can since Jabber accounts can only be created from the web panel.


Thanks for your answer.

Beside you say, i can?, the registration of the account would be the only problem with this, right?


Users would not be able to register, you would have to manually register accounts (via the panel) for them.


All registrations have to go through the panel. But not necessarly ‘manually’. It is possible to write a script that would submit the appropiate informaiton to the panel for you, when a person fills out a form on your website. Unfortunatly this is not a very well document option.

Support has said before that it’s perfectly accectable to have things posted to the panel in this manner, but they’re not going to write your code for you or anything. Also keep in mind that since this is all through your account, you will be responsible even if it was just someone who siged up through your service.

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