Jabber questions


I’ve installed the jabber server and added a user, although I have a few questions about using this.

What we want to do:
Have an IM or rather a chat room for our users to participate in.
But I’m not sure if Jabber is actually suited for that, or if it’s more the traditional IM client where you have to add contacts and then have individual conversations with them or if you can create a room where anybody that has our jabber server address and port can just join and join in on a conversation in a created room.

Also curious how one would go about creating such a room, I’ve tried multiple Jabber clients now and non of which actually let me administrate the server in any way, are there such clients?

Can anybody that has our jabber server name and port number join in a group chat or is it limited to one on one IM type talking?


All these threads seem to be older than my adult children,… but to answer this user’s question. Go to “http://www.jabber.org/faq.html” (the link on the Dreamhost Control Panel is outdated). There you will find that creating a room is simply a matter of joining a non-existant room. Doing so will CREATE that room.

And yes,… i believe anyone would can find you can join your room. i.e. conference with you. Hope this helps SOMEBODY.