Jabber Questions

Hi All. I am not new to IM, but I am brand new to Jabber. I would like to setup my own IM server using Jabber, which I can do on here with dreamhost. I can get that far, but here is what I am wanting to do…and I don’t know how to get started…

  1. Have transports logged in on the server, where people can leave me messages which I recieve when I log in.
  2. How do transports work on Dreamhost? I hadn’t found anything on that. Also how do you set them up?
  3. I currently use trillian and know they are coming out with a new version, but what is a good client which is simier to trillian and will also log my convo’s.
  4. Is it able to be signed on to jabber using the same sn, just at differnet location. I read somewhere this is possiable.

If anyone can please post me some information this would be great, as I would like to get this set up and working. Thanks!


That’s how it works - great!

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