Jabber problems

Hello there.

I have no idea what is going on. I set up a jabber server on one of my domains. It works using meebo.com, but it does not work using ANY clients. Gtalk DOES work (against talk.google.com), so I know my ISP doesn’t have a port blocked or anything.

Anyone have similar problems?

my jabber ID is ‘xxx@mydomain.com’ and my connection settings are ‘domain.com’ ‘5222’ - right right?

i use miranda to connect to jabber – here’s what i set to get it to work:
username: (where the jabber id would be @domain.com)
resource: some string about where i’m connecting from
priority: a number, where the connection with the highest priority should get the messages.
login server: domain.com
port: 5222

i also specify “expert” options of manually specify connection host of domain.com with port 5222.

finally, under advanced i have to check “disable SASL authentication (for old servers)”

hope some of that helps you!