Jabber - online signals


Up to about a week ago our jabber sessions had been working fine. Then suddenly the “on line” indicator for the Buddy List (in Gaim) stopped working and the buddy pounce no longer works. Other users on my system (buddies) report same problem, some using Win ver and some using Linux version of Gaim, so does not appear to be a Gaim problem. We can still communicate via Gaim/Jabber, but the online and pounce features make it a hit and miss event. Any ideas?


I’m not sure if this is the same problem you’re having (and actually I have no idea what the pounce thing does) but I’ve got two jabber users set up, and the online indicator is definitely flaky. I’ve used several different clients and with all of them it’s not unusual for me to see the other username listed as online when he really isn’t.

I don’t know if it happens only with DH’s jabber server or with other servers, though, because this is the only person I communicate with via jabber and we’re both set up on my account.