Jabber on Vidar :-/

Ok - this is really frustrating…Is there anyone else using Jabber on Vidar? Or is it just me?

I’ve had ongoing problems for more than a year now on and off, where it suddenly starts not seeing other Jabber servers. Typically jabber.org shows up with a “Server connect timeout” but currently 70% of the servers are showing up with this message. The only way I can talk to people on some Jabber servers is via the MSN gateway (and Jabber <=> MSN <=> Jabber should not be more reliable than Jabber <=> Jabber!)

For all the servers that are timing out, I can ping their domains from the Vidar commandline.

I have previously asked for help hand Will from the forums took the time to do some troubleshooting with me. He could see all the servers that I could not, but he was not using Vidar (I can’t remember which server he was on).

Can someone (anyone?) who is on Vidar tell me if they are getting the same issues? If they are, can Dreamhost either fix it, or move my accounts to a different server?

Currently servers with timout issues are:



Working servers include:

jabber.org (unusual!)

If anyone has a few minutes to help me out I can PM you my JID.


Hmm…it looks like Will is on Neo. What are the chances of getting my accounts moved from Vidar to Neo (or some other peon)?


Yes, I’m on a Neo (coolest server ever btw :P) I’d just e-mail dreamhost asking for a transfer and state your reason. I’m sure they would be happy to do it for you :slight_smile: