Jabber IM

I would like to find a simple-to-use IM product or service for my web site, just for text messages, where multiple registered web visitors can:

  1. See who’s available on-line
  2. Send a private message
  3. Receive a reply
    That’s it. I’m not looking to have the ability of all registered userscontacting each other, just when your on my site you can do the 1,2,3 above.

Is the Jabber IM product that DreamHost offers capable of this?

if you’re using Jabber you would have to register these users yourself via the web panel then they’d need to install and use a Jabber client to connect, then it would be a “live chat/messgaing” scenario.

Something like phpBB has the exact features you’re looking for but would allow the users to register themselves, then you could use the “Private Messgae” feature to do what you described more accurately, it would be more like email than an IM session. phpBB’s templating system would make it relatively easy to extract all the other “BB” features and just present it as a private messaging system