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I have two issues with DH Jabber support that would be great to have resolved.

  1. There is an old thread about using SSL with DH’s Jabberd that advised using the full server name of the jabber server instead of one’s own domain name, in the iChat settings. My domain (netmojo.ca) resolves to, whose reverse DNS name is basic-jolly.bellflower.dreamhost.com. I tried both this name and the IP address, but it does not connect iff SSL is enabled. I get an immediate, “Could not connect to Jabber” message. Has something changed with the jabberd/SSL setup since that thread, in 2006?

  2. File transfers aren’t working properly for me. I’m pretty sure that it is an issue on the jabber server, since I can login to the AOL server, and file transfers work fine between the same two iChat users. When both of us login to the DH jabber server, it doesn’t.

My guess is that there is some port that is needed but is firewalled on the DH server. This document lists all of the many ports that are required:


5060, 5678, 16384-16403 UDP
5190 TCP/UDP
5222, 5223, 5269, 7777 TCP

The last one, TCP port 7777, is particularly relevant as it is the server-side port for the setup of file transfers. I wonder how relevant this all is though, on a standard jabberd installation instead of the one that ships with OSX server…

In any case, can anyone from Dreamhost comment on these issues? Thanks!!


Your best bet, would be to file a support ticket on this. Just asking here really isn’t going to get you anywhere honestly, as DH staff rarely comment in the forums.

I would definitely say your first issue sounds like it could certainly be a server-side problem though.

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I just saw my mistake Re: 1). The correct host to use is ‘bellflower.dreamhost.com’ – SSL works fine now.

I think 2) is pretty relevant for a support ticket. However, before I do that, I’m hoping that someone on this forum may have some experience with this issue, or otherwise an intelligent suggestion as to what else the problem could be, if not a server-side issue.