Jabber - how to add new users

We’ve been building a membership community web Portal in PHP on DreamHost, and now we’d like to add Jabber services for our members. The way DreamHost interfaces with our domain means that we need to create new Jabber users each time by logging in to our DreamHost account and activating/creating new members.

My question here is: could we create a PHP script that runs on our web site, that allows our private community members to enter a form and register as Jabber clients under our domain (i.e. MEMBER_1@OURDOMAIN.COM) automatically ?

I asked support this question:

“Is it possible to add Jabber accounts via an api or shell script”

The answer is: “at this moment: no”.

I’d like to have this feature added, so I voted up this suggestion

“2004-07-12 Goodies - Jabber IM Allow “open” creation of new Jabber users, rather than just through the web panel.”

at https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=home.sugg&

i’ve added my vote to that suggestion – thanks for pointing it out!

track7 - my dream-hosted site

so, age-old dilemma of everyone wanting to automate the addition of new accounts to the Jabber service?

I spent all night up at work trying to develop a suitable solution.

thus far what I have is a perl script which can be run securely via the server (either directly with ssh or telnet, or with the more efficient solution of setting it up as a chron job to run every hour or so)

on the to-do list before it is actually use-able as an a standalone script is:
-=if going the chron route=-
-get the new usernames from a file/database (to do multiple at a time/save bandwidth/cpu)
-check it with the usernames already in use (very easy)
-save a log of each success and email any erroneous setups to whoever

-=if going the ‘web-based’ approach=-
-I really don’t see how this can be done without leaving huge security risks open on your site…
-I am contemplating, tho…

anyways: if anyone wants more details on what it involves, or if they want a copy of what I have so far for their own usage, just let me know.

Well I’d be interested, yes…thanks.