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I recently decided to use Jabber, and I’ve created a few users using the admin panel at Dreamhost, which are currently active (and the corresponding .XML’s have been created).

For the client, I’ve chosen Exodus. However, I cannot seem to connect. Perhaps I have some misunderstanding of how Jabber, clients, and Dreamhost are supposed to work together…

In my Login profile for Exodus, I’ve the following:

o Username: jaranth (I’ve also tried jaranth@jaranth.com, which is the username listed in my admin panel)

o Server: jaranth.com (I’ve also tried www.jaranth.com, as well as jabber/jaranth.com, among other pathnames).

I’ve stuck mainly with the default connection setup, though I’ve tried a few things in the “Host” blank. If there are any special requirements Dreamhost needs for a connection (besides port 5222), I am unaware of them.

The client seems to connect, then it immediately disconnects. Sporadically, I receive and error that states that my account is not present on the server, and asks me to create one (???). If I answer “yes”, I receive THIS:

Access violation at address 004DF73E in module ‘Exodus.exe’. Read of address 00000000.

Viewing the debug window reveals little to me…

I’m 100% in favor of Jabber and GNU in general but, to be expected, detailed docs and situational help are difficult to find… so, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Heh. I’ve been composing the message jaranth just posted!

I’ve also tried psi and marvin. All immediately disconnect. Exodus gives a brief flash of an authentication error. (I also get the exception error…often I also get a ‘would you like to create an account’ dialogue behind the error but nothing comes of it.)

Interested to learn what we’re doing wrong.

Well I’ll be darned. After pizza, champagne, and a good night’s sleep things seem to work today. Neato. Thanks Happy Jabber Fixit Team :slight_smile:

I’ve been using PSI (on FreeBSD) and it seems to work pretty well. Good thing it works, since I had to uninstall licq to get it to work properly :>

I can’t figure out how to change the font size of the program itself though (I can change the size of the fonts in the contact list and message windows, but not in the menus and stuff).

I don’t believe SSL is supported currently (I am going to bug the guys who are working on the jabber project to add support for this)…

I’ve been using Jabber on DH for a while now, and it seems to be behaving very nicely (although with my own client - Yabber)

If Exodus is giving you an access violation, perhaps try a different client…there are several to choose from.

One tip: Most clients have an XML debug console window you can bring up (on Yabber this is on the help menu). This will let you see exactly what is happening. If the server is returning an error that your client is not displaying, you will see it there. After you have watched this for a while, you will become quite familar with the XML that Jabber uses, and it will be very handy for troubleshooting.


Zilch -

Feel free to plug your own site and client here. After all, it was your idea that we support Jabber in the first place. :>

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Is conferencing supported by the DH jabberd installation?

Thanks Jeff. Yabber is still in Alpha at the moment, but we are very interested in getting feedback from DH customers - so feel free to download the current build from yabber.org and drop me an email or post feedback to the forums on the website.

There are a few bugs we have collected since we released the latest build on Wednesday - I’ll try to compile a list of them in the forums on the website in the next day or so.

Haggis - yes conferencing is supported and seems to work. You can create a room at ‘conference.jabber.’ (eg testroom@conference.jabber.yabber.org) - it gets to be a bit of a mouthful I know - but it seems to work pretty well.


Does Yabber support SSL (and if not, is SSL support planned)?

Will: We don’t have SSL support yet - although we have had a few requests, so I will look into what would be required to support it. (Although what is the point since DH don’t support SSL huh? :slight_smile: )

I’m actually surprised that there is that much call for it as it seems to be of limited use to me. As soon as your messages leave DH’s server they are in plain-text - right?


I was mainly asking since some of our employees use Yabber (so mostly a selfish request) – since we’re switching to Jabber for some internal communication, it would be nice to be able to have people use SSL (and since we’d all be on the same Jabber server, the messages should remain encrypted). Plus, I’d like to get this supported on our customer machines at some point (once all the bugs are ironed out with the existing Jabber service).

In theory, most of the time stuff will be within the VPN anyway, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal.

I guess for internal-only server configs SSL could be of some use although as you say since it is on the secure side of the company firewall/VPN it should be fairly secure already. Really the main use I can see is employees connecting to internet based servers if they are paranoid about their employers snooping on their messages. Also it keeps your sign-in details more secure I guess…

Anyway, I am generally a big fan of security, and I’ve had about 10 requests for SSL over the past few days, so I’ll look into it. The main problem is the DLL’s required to support it are around 600k, which is half the size of the Yabber install, so it is going to increase the client size a lot for one feature. Also there could be encryption export regulations that I have to worry about since DH is based in the USA.


Well some people are also likely to be connecting from outside the VPN at certain times.

I figured the size issues was one of the main things.

Does the jabber protocol support a direct SSL connection between two SSL enabled clients, or is communication always through the server? With licq, you can talk (directly) to other licq users using SSL, which is nice.

The Jabber protocol doesn’t really specify peer-to-peer connections - pretty much everything is done though the server - both for security reasons (IP address is not exposed) and to get around NAT/Firewall issues.

There is still some debate about the best way to do OOB (out of band) data like file transfers, video chat etc. At the moment things like file transfers are done by sending the remote machine a URL and letting them retrieve the file. This can be sent from the client, or uploaded then downloaded from a server if there are NAT/Firewall issues.

SSL for actual P2P connections is a good idea though. I’ll talk to Marc about it and see if it’s practical to add to Yabber. I’m not sure how certificates would work - how do you ensure you have a vaild cert? Would you generate them yourself? Plus, you would then need a way to move your certificate around between all the machines that you may want to use your Jabber account from.


talk about breathing new life into a dead thread…

I was wondering about a few things in this thread, if they’d been answered. I see from the newsletter that SSL is now supported and it prompts me to ask this question, that was never answered, again

[color=#0000CC]Specifically I was wanting to know if all the members of a conference/chat whatever were all using the same server here at DH with SSL, would that not be an encrypted conversation?[/color]

and this has me wondering:

[color=#0000CC]Exactly how do you go about this? Nothing in the panel on it, is it a function that a client is able to perform? Do I need to do it manually with an XML file and/or new directory?[/color]

Please point me to any resources that would help, the Kbase certainly doesn’t touch these issues. And how is the Yabber coming? I went to the site and it’s still in alpha yeah? What’s up?

Thanks for the help.



I’m guessing that your example would be an encrypted session. At least all data going from the server to the clients would be encrypted. The data would be unencrypted on the actual server, so if an “Evil Nasty Dreamhost Admin ™” really wanted to snoop on what you were saying they probably still could, but you should be safe from anyone in between the clients and the server. In summary, for your basic office gossip it is probably fine. If you are plotting to “Kill The President ™” you may want to look elsewhere.

As for the conferencing - yes that is a function of the client. In Jabber conference rooms are created when the first person enters, and (poof) disappear when the last person leaves (please remember to turn out the lights out as you leave). I seem to remember reading some way to create permanent rooms, but standard practice seems to be having “someone” like chatbot sitting in them keeping them open (see jabberstudio.org for chatbot)

I won’t presume to speak for other clients as to how you create rooms, but with Yabber it is on the main menu. (Option Join/Create Conference). Remember you need to enter the conference server as in the server field rather than your Jabber server (ie conference.jabber.yabber.org rather than just yabber.org).

As for Yabbers progress - yes - still in Alpha. We are testing a build that is a lot more advanced than the one on the website - hopefully that will be up soon, but we have been a little distracted with a couple of commercial projects that came our way. (Money is a distracting thing!) Hopefully the main Yabber project will see some of the benifits soon.