Jabber down

Jabber’s all down apparently. We do actually use it for our business, so it’s annoying that it is. Any word on a back-to-up ETA?

Jabber is working for me (on Lucky). What server are you on? Have you submitted a support request?

I’m having the same issues, it started out with “401 Not Authorized” errors and has now moved into the realm of not being able to contact the server at all. I tried multiple clients and all are getting similar errors (some more descriptive than others). These issues started a couple hours ago, around the time that I got an email saying “your server has been upgraded to sarge”.

I’m on korben. I’ve submitted a ticket.


Reply to said ticket (in case anyone else is searching for stuff related to this problem):

Our admin team just pushed out a new version of Jabber that has broken it
on most machines. They are in the process of fixing this and hope to
heave it resolved soon, if not already. Write us back if you still have
issues after 30 minutes.


SWEET! I hope they updated the transports too. :slight_smile:

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Hi, Jabber is down again all day. Is something up? I’ll go off and file a ticket if you wish. It’s been down for the past 4 or 5 hours today (and was up and down yesterday).

Jabber is running on your local server so contact support because you might be the only person on the server and I’m not sure if they monitor Jabber.

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