Jabber connection?


anyone got any ideas on why jabber keeps dropping to the dreamhost jabber server, everything else at my end appears stable, a quick trace to dreamhost shows this for times to me so nothings really outa place/really horrible looking…

9 [3356] [LC-ORG-ARIN] ae-0-0.bbr1.LosAngeles1.Level3.net ( 64.1/65.5ms
10 [3356] [LVLT-ORG-4-8] ge-4-0.ipcolo2.LosAngeles1.Level3.net ( 70.6/62.1ms
** [firewall] the next gateway may statefully inspect packets
11 [3356] [LVLT-ORG-4-8] 63.4/65.4ms
12 [26347] [DREAMHOST-BLK5] [target] basic-cabo.temple.dreamhost.com ( 70.9/78.1/*/*ms

I belive gaim gives me a error that says “stream error” on disconnect. is this a common thing to have happen?