Jabber Conference

I’ve looked at running mu-conference for jabber chat room support (it’s really needed because we need a chat room that is private and not publicly logged for our business) . Is it at all possible to run it on DreamHost? I’ve looked at it and the only problem I see is that DreamHost users have no access to the jabber configuration file so I think that rules mu-conference out.

Does anyone know of another work around for this?


There are limits on what you are allowed to run on the server in terms of chat, IRC and such. Read this to get an idea:
and if you’re still in doubt then write a sufficiently detailed question to DH Support about this and ask them if they will allow it for you. Sometimes they allow certain things that they don’t mention in the KBase, but don’t be disappointed if they won’t; it’s in everybody’s interest that the servers are not overloaded.

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Yeah I was wondering about that however it’s not a resource hog it just requires access to the jabber config to add a couple of lines. I’m going to e-mail DH later today and see what they say :slight_smile:


Any update on this?

Well they already have private conferencing. chatname@conference.jabber.yourdomain.com

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I tried to set up a Jabber Conference using your suggestion but it failed with a server connect error.
I contacted support and they replied as follows:
"As for jabber, we don’t support rooms, so you won’t be able to set that up!"
This really upsets me as I believed that I was going to get a fully functioning Jabber server when I set up my account and paid a year in advance.

I’m not sure but it works for me and my friends to do it the way I said. It’s private conferencing not public so you can’t create permanent rooms and such.

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Happy to hear that it is possible. What client are you using to set up a private room?

Would someone mind posting a step by step guide to show how they got conferences working?