Jabber Chatrooms

How do I create group chatrooms on my Dreamhost Jabber server? I don’t see any mention of this anywhere on Dreamhost.

I don’t think the current gateway has support for them. You could run a Jabber chatroom bot like mbot (I think that’s the name).

oops, here it is: http://mu-conference.jabberstudio.org


Thanks! Has anyone done this successfully on Dreamhost? Do any instructions exist?

I think there already is a chat server set up as conference.jabber.your.domain.name

I haven’t understood any of chatbot links I’ve seen. Most of the pages look developer-oriented rather than user-oriented. I don’t see any jabber-server stuff for us to do; it just works once you fire up a client (as long as you have defined a jabber user).

For those who are scratching their head over setting up a jabber chat, here’s my limited experience playing around last night:

  1. You use the DH panel (Goodies, Jabber) to manually add any potential users by providing each person with a username (somename@yourdomain.net) and a password. Wait five minutes for their login to activate. Then somehow communicate each person’s info them.

  2. Each person will choose and download a jabber client. I tried several and Exodus seems to have the simplest interface for the two things I needed most: conference (group) chat, and saving logs. None of these clients seem to come with help files and the project pages are generally too developer-oriented to be of much help to novice users.

  3. Run the installer and accept most defaults. Start your Jabber client when installation completes. To configure your connection you will define a profile. Set the following:

username: as set in the DH panel (somename@yourdomain.net)
password: as set in the DH panel
server: yourdomain.net
resource: whatever…its just a label

You should then be able to connect to the jabber server. There will be nothing there to look at, so create a room.

  1. Create (or join) a Conference Room. To create or join a room using Exodus, click on the ‘people’ icon.

  2. Specify the room by filling out the Join Room dialog. If you are creating a new room for chat, choose any name. The room will be open until the last person leaves. If you have been invited to a room for a meeting, enter the room name as given to you. For example:

Room Name: Test
Room Server: conference.jabber.yourdomain.net
Nickname: name [whatever name you want to appear next to your words in the conference room]
Password: **** [seems to be optional – does not have to be your primary Jabber password, apparently]

  1. Chat away. Type your messages in the text box below the chat window. I don’t know yet if there are any mechanisms for moderation or ‘channel op’-type stuff other than people blocking each other on a user-user basis.

  2. When you want to leave, just click the ‘X’ in the chat window to leave the chat.

That’s all I know. Seems painful to set up for large groups (self-registration of some sort would help). Easy enough for small groups though. Cheers!

Anyone familiar with the Exodus keymap? During testing I managed to center-align text in my chat window and could only get it back to left-aligned by leaving and returning to the conference. Weird. Also I suddenly exited a conference with a ctrl-w once. Is this stuff documented anywhere?

Couple more questions: Is there any way to let people self-register for our jabber server? Is a jabber applet supported on DH? Is it something I can install locally? Conferencing is a must.