Jabber Chat Bots

How can we create chat bots in our hosted solutions to interact with Jabber?

Here is the user’s perspective:

  • Register a jabber user for your domain
  • Checkmark “chatbot” option
  • If checked: add URL of script where messages will be sent to

Here is how it works:

The jabber server gets a message.
If the user JID is a chatbot (as defined above): send the xmpp messsage as POST to the URL script.
The script (any language) processes the message, queries databases or whatever, and may reply to the server with an xmpp response as well, which in turn relays the message to the recipient(s).

Google AppEngine is already providing that capability and it is way ahead in the direction of the real-time web.

I believe Dreamhost would benefit a lot from all the bleeding-edge apps that will pop up around that feature alone.

Any thoughts?