Jabber blues

Grumble. The Dreamhost Jabbers servers seem to be getting worse. The problem is server-to-server connections. It’s very hit & miss. Currently the Dreamhost servers are not talking to:


There have been many others over the past few months that seem to get disconnects. Almost as annoying is most of the time when you send a message to a user who is offline, the message doesn’t get delivered, but echoed back to you.

Is it only me that are seeing these problems, or are other users experiencing the same issues?

I’m not sure if this is a bug in jabberd 1.4.2 or if it is some IP routing or DNS type issue with Dreamhost. I have a support call open for this but it doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

If routing issues can be ruled out, maybe it is time to upgrade to jabberd 2.0? This is a complete Jabber rewrite, and has recently gone GA I believe.


Haven’t noticed any issues with routing or messages not being delivered. But I have been getting disconnected every two days it seems. I used to sit on for long periods at a time.

If you want me to test anything for you it’s will@willscorner.net (Jabber that is) :slight_smile:


Ok - thanks to wjd for helping me test…

Now we know that the problems are happening on Vidar (both my domains) but jabberd on Neo (where willscorner is hosted) sees the domains fine. Can anyone from DH tell me if there is a difference between the jabberd or configuration on these two boxes?

I’ll do some testing with different clients shortly to rule out any client side problems, but I doubt this is the case as I can see the XML from the server returning “Server Connection Timeout” for each of these domains.


Can anyone from Dreamhost comment on this please?

I have two support calls open for this, and would like it looked at. If nothing else, maybe moving my domains to a box where jabberd is working correctly would be a quick & dirty fix, but I would prefer to see the issue resloved.

It’s very hard working when half of your jabber contacts appear offline, and I have had this on and off for several months now.