J2EE/servlet support via Tomcat


A few weeks ago there was a post on this board regarding the update of Java and the provision of some sort of J2EE engine like Tomcat:


First of all, thank you for updating to Java 1.5. I’m
curious if the excellent suggestions provided in that thread, as well as a recent post from the Knowledge Base, have caused any further consideration of finally supporting J2EE via Tomcat’s server.xml file and contexts:


Before these posts had been made, I had been considering moving away from Dreamhost toward a host that supports servlets. However, the response by Dreamhost admins seemed fairly positive and encouraging enough to make me wait things out. Where does J2EE stand in your future plans? How far off (if ever) will this be implemented?


Just posting my support. :wink:

We haven’t yet re-investigated this option but will do so when we have a chance. In the past there has not been very much demand for java servlets, to be honest. We put quite a bit of work into supporting jserv awhile back and very few people ever used it. It’s possible there is more demand for the technology now, but it’s hard for us to tell.

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I’d quite like to see this too :slight_smile:


I’d like to show my support for Java by Dreamhost. It’d really open up the doors for projects I can put up on my website.

The ability to run J2EE apps is now even more intriguing to me, as Apple has just released WebObjects for free. I’m very interested in trying it out, but there is no where I can run the resulting J2EE code right now.

webobjects is a very interesting technology. It would be interesting to at least have a development environment to host some WO apps. Download it and play with it.

Ok, upgrade the “quite like” to “really need”.

I don’t particularly want to sign up with hostgator, who seem to be the only comparably priced service offering tomcat, as no shell access and I don’t much like cPanel. In fact I hate it.

hostgator seem to have a fairly negative rep for support too which puts me off hugely…

Trouble is we now have a couple of projects that need tomcat.



I’m wondering if we could get an update on Dreamhost’s support of Tomcat.


in case there was a recent open ticket for suggesting this feature, I would vote for it

hostforweb.com has Tomcat and shell access.

I forgot to post back on here that yes there is a suggestion for it in the web panel. Needless to say, I put in my 5.

i just wanted to check back on a possible tomcat support on dh. ive found a newer post from dallas that dh will have another look on tomcat.

any luck with it?

I’m a new DH customer and despite all of the excellent features and support, I’m already considering switching to another host that supports Apache Tomcat.

Any word on this feature? I’d even pay a little extra for it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a DreamHost customer for years now, but now I have a need for a servlet. I just checked and HostForWeb will host my servlet for slightly more than I’m paying DreamHost. I’d just as soon pay the extra to DreamHost.

Do you want my money?

I agree. I have been with Dreamhost for a few years now and love the service (even recommend it every time I get a new client or see a friend/colleague looking for hosting). But lately I’ve been doing a lot more Java and while I’ve been Ok with paying Dreamhost for web hosting and eatj.com for Tomcat hosting since I now found hostForWeb at not much more that Dreamhost I’m going to have to seriously consider moving there to combine all my work into one location and consolidate billing (not to mention cut costs).

Please tell me that you’re at least seriously considering Tomcat hosting. I’d rather stick with Dreamhost and pay you the additional $4-5/month.



I´m also interested on Tomcat hosting and wouldn´t like to move my account to another host.

I would also like to host some java apps here but may have to
consider another host with an app server management tool like
NGASI (http://www.ngasi.com).
The software is designed for shared hosting environments.

I just want to put in my vote here. I need this service and it just doesn’t make sense to have to get another host to have it, I love dreamhost otherwise.

Sorry for bringing this up again. But im also in the need of Tomcat able hosting. Im not moving from Dreamhost, but would love to have all here.