Iweb upload (i am desperate)


This is probably simple and I apologize if this is already answered somewhere else, but I can’ find the answer.

I have built a site in iWeb and published it to a folder.

I then upload that folder to my domain.

I can log into the domain via ftp and see/delete/edit the files, but when i go to www.mydomain.com it doesn’t go where it is supposed to.

I get a 404 error.

I am really tired of deleting this and re uploading it.

I have tried uploading all the files from the iweb folder to my domains primary folder.

I have tried to upload it to a folder on the server named after my domain with the index.html in the root folder, and not in the root folder.





First thing to do would be to just upload a plain old index.html file (it can be blank) into the folder you’ve been uploading files to, then type in your domain name into your browser and make sure it actually loads the (dummy) index.html

If it does it will indicate your URL vs local server paths are all correct and you can proceed to upload all your files - overwriting the dummy index - into that folder.

If the dummy file doesn’t load, it will indicate that you’re uploading to the wrong directory, in which case you can change it in Panel to be “domain.tld” or whatever you like and then create it and transfer your site files into that folder.

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iWeb is great for publishing to .MAC or .ME, but there are some things you should learn about iWeb and how it works when trying use it with other WebHosts (including DreamHost).

I am not an iWeb user, but I have found these two references to be particularly useful for helping iWeb users get around on DreamHost (and I hope you will too :wink: ):

Write Up-- Using iWeb with “other” Hosting Services

Tips for Using iWeb with non-.Mac Servers

–DreamHost Tech Support