iWeb upload help needed

And it’s an older version I think, iWeb 1.1.2. Any suggestions appreciated.

I have (I believe) properly published my iWeb site to the appropriate Site folder, named it the same as the site folder name on Dreamhost. All good.

I am using the Dreamhost Web ftp.

When I hit Upload on the Dreamhost ftp, and I get the upload window with the Browse button, and here’s where things go terribly wrong.

I hit browse, find my Sites folder, find the folder named after my web site, and I click, for example, my About folder. It will not upload that folder as one piece. It will only un-grey OPEN when I click on an individual document inside a folder. And of course, there are like 30 files per folder, so I know this can’t be how this application is designed. That’s madness.

I have tried shift and hold to select all the folders in my site folder with no luck (and checked Option, CTRL, and anything else that would logically select more than one item at a time.)

I have also gone into each folder and clicked each item and painstakingly loaded every file piecemeal. The result was that something went live, but it was only the title on my homepage: No graphics, no nav bar, no funtionality.

I realize that the ftp upload is not brain surgery, and I am relatively confident that I understand the instructions, so why can I not just upload the damn folder I need to upload, upload the index, and call it a night?

Thanks for any suggestions, I’m ready to button this up and move on.

DreamHost FTP isn’t very fancy, in that it won’t recursively upload a folder. Use FileZilla (or CyberDuck) instead:

Thanks, I didn’t realize the Webftp was so feeble!
I tried again using Cyberduck but now I’m just getting the index list as my homepage. I’ll look up that specific problem in a few places, but if you’ve got any ideas keep 'em coming!

Thanks again.

There needs to be a file called index.html. Typically, iWeb creates an index.html that’s a redirect to a file called DOMAINindex.html with the name of the domain/site you created.

An index list (that’s just a list of your files, correct?) indicates that there’s no default html file in that directory. DreamHost looks for index.html, index.htm, index.php, or quickstart.html (the parked domain page) in your domain folder (/home/USER/EXAMPLE.com).

If you PM me the URL for your site, I can get a better idea of where the problem is.

Thanks Scott, I think I’ve got it worked out. I had gotten some bum advice about file naming, so I tinkered with them and also found I didn’t need to have a pre-existing folder waiting to receive my iWeb folder with the same name, it just made everything into a subdirectory. I appreciate your advice!