Iweb page to dreamhost


I have an existing website done by a designer. I want to replace/update this with a site I designed myself on iweb. I’ve published to a folder, but trying to understand what to do next on Dreamhost is getting to be too much for my brain. I’ve gone to the FTP and tried to follow the directions, but it looks like I have to upload each file individually? I stopped before I did anything stupid.

All I want to do is upload the website I designed on iweb and replace my current website. How do I do this?


I’m not a Mac user so I am unfamiliar with Mac FTP clients. You should be able to connect to FTP using any of these clients and drag and drop groups of files and folders from your local drive to the server without difficulty.

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OK. I’ll give that a try. What about the old files? Do I have to delete them or will dragging the new ones in automatically replace them?



They will only be replaced if they have the same filename (in most case, you would be prompted). I would suggest that deleting everything on the server first is a good idea, although you might want to back those files up first (just in case). Files can be dragged from the server to your local drive in just the same way as you can drag them from your local drive to the server, by the way.

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OK, I’m using webftp.dreamhost.com to upload. I go to my panel and attempt to drag the files to my desktop to back them up. Only I have no idea what I’m dragging, and if they are the right files. I have listed 3 directories and 13 files. But I think I’m just grabbing html labels to my desktop, not images.

Is there something I’m missing that would make this easier? Some way to just grab everything at once and copy it?


Someone more familiar with the webftp client will need to answer this one.

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OK. Thanks. I’ll keep trying.