iWeb and code troubleshooting

BACKGROUND: A friendly discussion group NY Cafe Philo’s site is created by a novice using iWeb and is being managed by myself knowledgable but far from expert. After uploading the files, one of the principal subpages did not work.
TROUBLESHOOTING SO FAR: My concerns are that many file and folder names contain characters other than letters, numbers, _ and -. For instance, many start with quotes and contain accented letters that are in French and other languages. Although nothing should change when uploading via Fetch or the Webftp, it seems to have.

  1. first it wouldn’t find the page
  2. second, after I corrected the file name to reflect the code I found in the uploaded files, it found the page but was missing some of the visual effects on the 6 fotos. Also, the links were outline in blue.
    a) should we keep file names simple (not accented letters, etc.)? do we have to change what we have or just the one’s that don’t work and name future files simpler.
    b) is there a list of pitfalls coding with iWeb; the coding shouldn’t have mutated during the upload (or can it)?
    THANKS to whoever replies with helpful info.

I’d be inclined to fix all the filenames first (search & replace).

Alpha-numeric, lowercase, no spaces, no special characters.

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