I've uploaded my site, but nothing

Hi all. I am having some problems. I created my site, and uploaded it to my domain, via FTP, but when I type in my website, (www.xxxxxx.com/index.html), nothing comes up, though I mknow I uploaded everything correctly. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could be doing wrong? I uploaded the same site to a different host before, so I know the site is built and coded correctly.

I also am having problems installing phpbb3 forums on it. Got it installed fine but it’s asking about the SQL. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it, for know I need to know why it’s not even recognizing the html files I uploaded…/

Thanks everyone!!!

Are you sure you are uploading the files to the the proper domain folder in your home folder, and not the root of your home folder?

They are uploaded right to my main folder… I’m assuming you’re saying that’s incorrect. Do I need to make a subfolder for everything inside the main directory?

If you go to the panel here for Manage Domains, you should have that domain listed as being Fully Hosted. If it’s not there, or it’s there but something other than Fully Hosted, you’ll need to add/edit it so it’s Fully Hosted under that FTP user.

After that, your FTP directory will have an “example.com” folder for your files.

Ok I have the site working ok, I think.

When I go to my www.example.com it has a dreamhost place holder. How do I make it automatically redirect to www.example.com/index.html? Or where do I upload a placeholder of my own that I can have someone click on to enter the site?

Ultimately, my main concern is installing phpbb3. It’s full uploaded to the ftp; but I am working on getting it installed…

That placeholder is called quickstart.html, which you should see in your domain folder. As soon as you upload your site, including the index.html file, delete that quickstart.html file.

In the case of phpbb3, it should have an index.php file, which works just as well as index.html in getting your site to load. If you use the One-Click installation in Advanced Mode, it will take care of all of this for you, but it might still leave the quickstart.html file there for you to delete.

Ok! Forums are up and running, site looks great! BUT I deleted that quickstart.html file and the placeholder is still there, but thanks for all the other help so far!!


The placeholder might just be a browser cache issue that needs to be cleared: