I've uploaded my files; can't see site



I have uploaded my site files to Dreamhost via ftp and I still can’t see my website.

The files are currently located in the directory under krissalzer.com, which is my url. So to be as clear as possible, there’s three additional files, favicon.gif, favicon.ico and quick start.html as well as a folder with my website files in it, “Salzer_website”.

Problem: I’ve tried to visit krissalzer.com using Safari and it only shows a 'coming soon" page.


Do I need to delete both favicons and quick start? Are they interfering with seeing my site?

Do I need to take my website files out of its folder in order to be seen?

I’ve been told that changes to a website can take up to 72 hours… do i just need to be patient and wait three days to see if this clears up? That’d be pretty much intolerable!

Thanks much in advance!

Btw, ultra newbie alert… if you’re able to help out, please be kind and describe a solution in noob-friendly terms!


I can see your site at http://krissalzer.com/Salzer_website/home.html

You can either drop the folder and put the files in just the krissalzer.com directory, or you can edit your domain in the panel adding /Salzer_website to the “web directory” entry making the entire changeable portion of the entry krissalzer.com/Salzer_website

you can delete quickstart.html it’s the coming soon page you are seeing. If you delete the favicon’s the system will put them back unless you replace them with your own favicons.


Thanks LakeRat for the quick and easy-to-understand post; I tried renaming the web directory under panel. Everything’s working great now! Thanks!