I've transfered a domain - what happens next?

Hi! For the last few years I have had a domain name registered with another company, and it just points to another page. Since Dreamhost offers unlimited domains, I got the auth code and and unlocked the site and transferred the registration to Dreamhost. Which cost $9.95 (which I was due to pay the other company anyway, so that’s OK). That was about 4 or 5 days ago. What happens next? I know that these things can take a while, but should I be hearing something by now? Should I do something else?

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I recently got through doing that…

after you transfer the domain, you need to set up access to that domain. You do that through the “Manage Domain” section.

Thanks! That makes sense. I just did that, and I got warned that I need to using Dreamhost nameservers to work (NS1.DREAMHOST.COM , etc.) At the previous registrar, the domain just pointed to a web page so there was nowhere to change nameservers. This is the first time that my other domain has had a real location. So I need to type in the nameservers somewhere, or will this happen automatically?

Les Miserables: the game of the book - http://www.LesMisGame.com

hmm i’m not too sure. I would think any domain you register elsewhere would have a place to modify the namespace.

THen again, if you are migrating the domain across different hosts (in this case from your old one to Dreamhost), i wouldnt think you would need to modify the ns addresses.

I suspect the name servers would be set automatically once the domain has been successfully transfered to DreamHost.

Although, the domain registration page in the panel does say this;

[color=#0000CC]"# You should do any nameserver changes (e.g. to ns1.dreamhost.com, etc) before transferring!"[/color]

Either way, the domain should appear under the Domains -> Registrations page of the panel once the transfer has completed.


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I messed up here - I changed the nameserver settings AFTER changing the official registrar to DreamHost. Will this cause problems?

Les Miserables: the game of the book - http://www.LesMisGame.com

Nope, that shouldn’t do anything.