I've just registered and

I’m very angry!!

You state that I won’t be billed until my trial ends. As soon as I have entered my credit card details I’ve been billed with an amount of $1.63! Are you kidding?! What is this suppose to mean?

I even cannot get into my control panel! What’s then is this test all about? Just to use ftp, oh, fine, thanks a lot for such a privilege… but I don’t need this, I know ftp technology! I needed to test media streaming, php/mysql settings etc. What are you afraid of? This trial should be fully automated.

Concerning the unexpected bill regard, I’ll accept it only in case you make me an additional discount in the amount of that $1.63!

I’m waiting here for an answer from Dreamhost representative.

Cancel the account and request a refund.

The $1.63 charge (the exact value is randomized) is simply to make sure the credit card information you entered is valid, and the charge is credited back to your card as soon as it goes through. Depending on your card issuer, it may take a little longer for the credit to show up than the charge, but rest assured that we haven’t charged you for anything yet.

What about the access to the control panel during the trial period?

You should already have that access. Try logging in at https://panel.dreamhost.com/ using the email address and password you entered when you signed up.

It will be good if DH mentions the random charge up front :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not a charge it is an authorization check to make sure your credit card is legit, just like when you go to the gas station and use your card, they will get an authorization for one dollar and then release it when the amount of the actual charge gets sent in to the credit card company.

You really should NOT pass out information when it’s not accurate. As is documented IN THIS THREAD and elsewhere in this forum (repeatedly in fact) dreamhost does not use transaction type “authorization”. They actually charge the card a randomized amount between $1 and $2, then they immediately refund the same amount. The problem come in because refund transactions typically take longer to post back to your account, than the original charge which appears immediately.