It's just gone!

I had something VERY weird happen today. I had created a Wordpress blog about four or five days ago using the Advanced One-Click Installer. I had set it up fully to my liking, including installing a couple of plugins and some basic editing of the theme’s PHP. However, when I visited the URL today, I was greeted by an empty page (that is, an index of an empty directory). Alarmed, I FTP’ed into the site to find that my entire blog was completely gone. There was nothing left to indicate that a blog had ever been there except my confirmation of installation email.

Note that the blog was installed on a subdomain of a domain that I own and am hosting fully on Dreamhost. The domain itself still works and the entire file structure of my home dir is still identical, including all other sites I’m hosting. The folder for the live site is still there as well, just barren of data.

I don’t know what could have caused this. It happened, apparently, while I slept. Is this just an utter fluke or should I worry about it happening again if I re-configure my blog?

P.S. Dreamhost backups didn’t work. Although part of me knows this is probably because I only created the blog a week ago, another part of me wants to think that this is a conspiracy of some kind (I’m sorry I tried to sudo-install a Perl module, Dreamhost! Don’t delete my other sites!)

Is your database still there? You should be able to connect to it in your browser at the subdomain you created for the database.

Does the one-click still show up in the Modify/Delete Advanced One-Click section in the panel?

What machine are you on? Clearly something’s messed up and this warrants a ticket to Support.


The database was indeed still there, but the one-click install modification option was not. I’ve already re-created the blog (most of my time spent last time was examining the theme configuration; I could make the changes by memory this time around).

The reason I’m hesitant to create a ticket is because I’m very strongly inclined to attribute the deletion to user error, since as unlikely as it is, it seems more likely than any alternative. I’ll look into opening a ticket though.

I was mostly wondering if there was any precedent of events similar to this, and apparently there isn’t, so I ca only hope it doesn’t happen again (The blog in question is almost entirely static at the moment, so I figure if it is removed again that will nearly confirm a machine error, which is worth some hours of rework).

It’s always handy to have a local backup by FTPing all the files to your home computer. Your can also create your own server backup by duplicating the directory. WebFTP has a copy feature you can use on directories.