It's almost time for me to renew!


It’s almost renew time for me. I understand that the maximum discount is now $50. What’s the best discount code to use now? And, I assume it works with renewal?



You cannot use any promo “discount code” (of any amount) for a renewal.

Those discounts are a “one-time” only for “new” customers only kind of thing - once you have used one, you are done. :wink:

Any renewal will have to be at the current plan pricing (which I think is still a great deal for what you get).



And remember that you should not create a new account and try to transfer your sites to it. This will not work!

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Ok, that’s what I though… then why did they announce this on the STATUS blog? Oh well.


Not being a DreamHost staffer, I can only guess, but I suspect it might have been so that those offering promo codes could modify their marketing materials and/or promo codes so they would be accurate after the change.

I wouldn’t really do to keep hawking a “OMG! $97.00 Off !” code when only $50 off would be honored, now would it? :wink:



They announce the change on the STATUS blog because they want to clearly update the new customers. Although we can’t use promo codes to renew our plans, new customers still can use promo code to enjoy discounts and free domain or IP.

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I think rlparker is right and that it’s the existing customers that they wanted to update via the status blog. You could easily imagine that people might be wondering, “Why isn’t my promo code working like it used to?” and the answer being “Because promo codes were capped on December 11th”.

Use promo code [color=#CC0000]50DISK50[/color] for 50% extra disk and $50 off
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