It will be a good idea for DH to provider VPS servers on an hourly basis


I think it will be a good idea for DH to provide cloud servers which match the shared hosting or VPS configurations, which I describe as having VPS servers on an hourly basis.

Sometimes you need to try out a project which only takes a few hours or days that you want to keep off your regular shared or VPS hosting till it is stable or works out okay, after you which you transfer it to your production system.

Such systems do not warrant the minimum monthly. The main thing is having a system whose configuration and security you don’t have to manage yourself, unlike a cloud server you have to configure from scratch unless you have preconfigured images, and even then you still have to monitor it. It also makes no difference whether you are running the latest Ubuntu/Debian or not, since the normal shared hosting configuration is suitable for you.


Have you looked at DreamCompute? It’s billed hourly and you get root access, which you don’t on a VPS.


What I am inquiring about is an hourly billed VPS

Root servers require come with the overhead of having to manage them personally.

What I am talking about is someone satisfied with a VPS who a wants a temporary one for some tests and experimentation without having to order the standard one which needs to be paid for a month.


That is exactly why we offer DreamCompute. It is an unmanaged cloud based server that gives you root access and is billed hourly (with a max monthly)

We also have an overview here

Our Shared and VPS hosting is managed which is why root access is not available.

Matt C


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