It was up 10 hours ago, and now it's not

I just moved to DH yesterday and was messing around with my site for a while, making sure everything got transferred over. It was working perfectly fine late last night, but this morning I got a Google 404 page, and the Registration is listed as Unknown.

What is going on? I have owned this domain for a year now, and last night I requested the registration be transferred to DH; is that why everything’s down? It’s odd though, I have no pending incoming transfers, but at the same time I have no registrations here. And why the Google 404 page…I’m not sure how Google enters into this at all.

Did you set your domain to use any of the Google Apps in the panel here? Check again under Manage Domains and click Edit for your domain. It should have a green arrow for Fully Hosted being active.

It’s also not out of the ordinary for newly set up sites here to come and go due to DNS propagating for the first few days.

Yep, it shows the arrow under Manage Domains > Edit. I set the domain to use Gmail for the e-mail service, but even when I just go to the main page (not it shows the 404. I can understand it coming and going because of that reason, but it’s been down consistently for at least the last 4 hours (if not more…that’s when I first checked it again). It was working as of 2:30 am CST, but I have no idea when it went down.

What’s the URL?