It this normal?

I made a hosting acount on dreamhost with the option: Crazy Domain Insane!. But is currently pending approval since ¡WEDNESDAY!.
I pay by paypal at the moment but not has been approved yet.
This is normal?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


It can be “normal”, as the approval process can vary greatly depending upon circumstance surrounding the paypal account (whether verified, unverified, etc.) and other factors about the account (country of residence, etc.).

You can always contact support via the Control Panel or at if you are worried that it is taking to long or wondering if something went wrong. :wink:


Do not worry. The support team will activate your account soon because you paid using paypal. If you are anxious, you can always email the support team.

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A friend was using paypal exactly a week ago on night and his account was on waiting for approval too.

He send a fax :

with $0.00 amount.

And the account was approved on the morning (damn, they don’t read fax on night ! :slight_smile: ).

Just send the fax with your credit card and specify $0.00 they will not debit anything from it.
This should have been specified to you be email.

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Perhaps the delay can be explained by a few extra hangovers around DreamHost at the moment. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, the approval process can take a little time for some applications.


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From what we see here in the forums it’s normal to exist some delay, but only the support team can help you. We are just fellow customers :slight_smile:

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