Istalling forum on separate sub-domain?

1.) Is there an advantage to installing a forum on a completely separate subdomain? So something like
I have noticed other people doing this.

2.) Are there any issues with integrating forums like Simple Press or BBPress with my WordPress Blog if it is on a separate subdomain?


One advantage is that you can have a separate user to manage the subdomain.

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Are there any search engine advantages?


Search engines will find subdomains just about as well as domains. If the forum is integrated into your site, I’d use a subdirectory like /forum rather than a subdomain. If it’s a separate operation, then I’d use a subdomain.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of making it a subdirectory (/forum) as opposed to a subdomain (


Using /forum keeps all relevant domain files in one primary domain directory.



Makes it a bit easier for backup procedures.

If implementing a subdomain you would be presented with 2 directories in SFTP:



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