Issues with SMF and SMTP. Please help!

I honestly can’t tell if the problem lies with the SMF or Dreamhost sides of things, so I’m going to start here.

I set up a forum with SMF and set it to e-mail activation. Unfortunately, new users don’t get said activation e-mails. I Googled the problem, and as far as I can tell, everything is fine on the SMF end of things. Everything points to how my hosted server handles e-mails. Since the PHP default isn’t working, I set mail options to SMTP and filled in the proper fields:

  • I set the SMTP server to both mail.[mydomain] and mail.[subdomain.mydomain] (where the forum is hosted) and got no results when attempting to send myself a notification from the forum.
  • The port is set to 587 instead of the default 25 for good measure (please tell me if I need to change this).
  • Username is the full e-mail address of admin@[subdomain.mydomain] (again, where the forum is hosted).
  • Password is entered accordingly.

Until I can somehow fix this, no one can register without direct admin approval, and the current registers are stuck in “awaiting activation” purgatory.

Is this a problem on my end? Did I set up the SMTP correctly? I really appreciate the help!

Port 25 should be fine.

Is admin@sub-domain.domain.tld a real mail account? Double check that the password is correct.

Yeah, the e-mail is perfectly fine. I am, however, getting this set of errors on SMF:

2: fsockopen() [<a href='function.fsockopen'>function.fsockopen</a>]: unable to connect to mail.[domain]:25 (php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known)File: /home/[user]/[domain]/forum/Sources/Subs-Post.php Line: 1332

Just to make sure, I changed the e-mail server to mail.[subdomain.mydomain] and got this error:

Can you help me better understand what this stuff means? Thanks again for your assistance!

The first errors are saying doesn’t exist - but that’s of no concern here.

The last error indicates that you are at least successfully connecting to a mailserver - so keep using that one.

Alter the “From:” field in whatever interface you’re using in SMF so that it specifies that the mail is from admin@sub-domain.domain.tld

Alright, I’ve set the mailserver address to the latter (thanks for that!), and I changed the port to 465 at the suggestion of an SMF support user, and now I’m down to a single error:

I feel like I’m getting closer to having this solved. Any thoughts?

Not without seeing the code that’s handling the mail. Could be EHLO or something.

Look through your settings and ensure the same email address is configured everywhere (forum/webmaster/whatever settings).