Issues with RoundCube

I have installed RoundCube doing a manual installation from the SVN tree. Everything seems to work out fine, connects to the database and all, webpage loads up fine.

But I am coming up with an issue upon trying to login. Keeps saying “Login Failed”

I am currently using IMAP on local email clients, as well as have tried doing a manual install of squirrelmail and they all are having no issues.

Login, using email@domain.bleh and the password I used in all the other clients, and just continues to say it is failing.

Is there any fix to the latest versions (the 0.2.x tree) that will fix this, or any known issues with it that I could use to fix it. Maybe changing the port it uses in main cfg to connect up?

Just did a fresh re-install, destroyed the installer directory without bothering it, and just went line by line through the config files, and everything seems all cool now.

Time to make a new skin for it!