Issues with Remixer

I’ve been building one of my sites with Remixer and it’s been a, if not a nightmare, at least a bad, bad dream. Some questions and comments:

  • Why can’t chords be resized? The Hero thing is gigantic.
  • Sticky Header works all but once. Icons on the links will NOT appear on one of the pages. I’ve deleted the header and tried again, no joy. Help?
  • I kept loosing pages. Finally have them all. Hope they stay.

I have GOT to learn how to use DreamWeaver. Thank goodness for
I can upload a DreamWeaver site, yes?

Thanks for any help.

@rs1 Hi, I can help address some of your Remixer questions. Regarding resizing chords in Remixer, that is not a feature we currently have at this time. For your other issues, I’d be happy to assist you further, feel free to contact our Remixer support at :slight_smile: