Issues with redirecting


I have just purchased a dreamhost plan, and registered a domain. My problem is I cannot figure out how to forward my domain to dreamhost and have it display my website. I have uploaded all of my files to dreamhost and it does show my website url in my dreamhost domain manager. But everytime I go to the url it just shows the standard domain message.

My website is and is registered through netfirms. I have dealt with hosting and domains in the past however I have forgotten exactly how to make them work.

Hopefully someone can shed some insight on how I need to forward my domain to display my information on my dreamhost.



Your WHOIS record still indicates that your listed nameservers are with netfirms. You must login to your netfirms account and edit your DNS record to use the DreamHost nameservers:

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Ok I will try this, I was forwarding my website to that location however I will go into the DNS and attempt to change those attributes. Thanks for the fast reply and I will let you know how it goes!

BTW, in case, like me, you are totally insulated from news and current events, many folks are experiencing lots of problems with DNS so don’t panic if you seem to have set up things correctly but things don’t work yet. Wait a bit, check for news updates, and then just post back here and we can help you out.

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It should work now and if it isn’t you may have an issue with their actual Apache configuration. I have had this happen before and have them manually reconfigure the apache settings.

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