Issues with purchased theme

Hi all. Need some advice - as I’m having tons of issues and I do not want to have to erase the website for a fifth time to try to solve this user-caused issue.

Bought a theme that is perfect for the portfolio website I want. Has a neat blog feature where you can choose how the posts appear and function.
I’d like this one (of four) to be the only one on the site.
Thought I’d figured it out on the third try. Turns out, nothing I post now shows up on it.

The theme I bought is mediastar wordpress theme - you can google it - see the pretty-ness of it - see how the blog format works. The one blog format I want to work is the timeline.

All I want to know is - is there a way to put back some of the .php files (so that the wp-admin/dashboard for wordpress sees them again) I deleted so that I can figure out where I broke the connection so that the blog will work again. I really don’t want to have to wipe it all and start over for a fifth time. Surely going through the web ftp end is possible - I tried earlier but nothing would work correctly.
Anyone have the time to teach such a noob step-by-step how to do this - or have a detailed video on it?

OMG, I’m such a dummy. Been staring at this for two days - restarted it twice because of issues - and just freaking figured it out.
Oh yeah, just go back to tools and import that demo file - DER!
Just ignore me/Laugh it out - honestly deserve it. Gah.