Issues with php memory and wordpress

Hey Guys,

I recently uploaded and migrated my website from a local host to Dreamhost. However, this website is prooving to be very very unreliable and 2 times out of 3, doesn’t work. I’m thinking this is because of the PHP memory limit. Not sure what it currently is set to, probably 90mb.

Would it be possible to up that to 128mb’s? The website recieved quite a bit of traffic and I’d like to be sure it can support sudden increases in traffic. (currently “down”)

I’ve tried looking on the wiki and following the steps there for “phprc” but I’m still getting this issue and not sure I did it correctly. :S

Thanks in advance,

You won’t squeeze much more memory out of a shared account. Even if you change the setting, DH will only allow it in short bursts, and even then it seems to top out around 120MB. WordPress is not exactly a memory miser, so the best thing you can do is cache as much as possible and remove anything that’s not absolutely necessary.

I was under the impression it was possible for Shared Hosting to go up to 128mb. I know it’s for short bursts but even more than the default 90mb would be great.

Here’s what I found when looking around:


You can bump PHP memory up to 128 via your phprc file, but you had a small typo :slight_smile: memry_limit

WP is running a little slow. I’d turn off tpc-memory-usage personally since it may be running more often than you want.

Hey guys,
I am after the same help. I have purchased a wordpress theme which I cannot load onto my site due to the php memory needs to be increased. I was told I need to “access the server and create a directory path in the user directory” from the live chat but I have no idea how to do this. Can any one help me?

You can upload via FTP though … I have to say if your THEME is over 7megs (which is really the only time that should happen on theme upload) you may want to unzip it locally first and make sure there isn’t a zip inside the zip.