Issues with Icecast on Ubuntu

I’m setting up an icecast server on the US-East 2 cluster. I have been successfully running it for quite a while on the US-East 1 cluster for quite sometime now. Everything seems to be in order with the exception that when i attempt to access the Icecast status page on port 8000 (the icecast default) the browser just hangs and then times out.

After running a scan I get:
22/tcp open ssh
80/tcp closed http
443/tcp closed https

When I initially put the old icecast sever on US-East 1 I did not need to specifically open any ports or create any special services, I simply installed icecast via apt-get, did my config and started the icecast server and everything worked. For this latest instance I used “Quick Launch” and selected Ubuntu (I also tried Debian but had the exact same issues) and am currently running Ubuntu-16.04.

I’m sure whatever the issue is its a very small tweak but I’m at a bit of a loss atm. Any suggestions are VERY welcome as I’d like to get this up and running by Monday. Thanks in advance for your help.

You need to open port 8000 in the cloud security groups. Check the new UI on and use that to open the port 8000 (or, if you feel like venturing in the trenches, follow the docs on

Thanks so much smaffulli I’m looking at it now.


Thank you so much :smiley: