Issues with gallery2/netpbm and large images



Has anyone been having problems with Gallery2’s use of netpbm and large (8-10 megapixel) images, particularly rotating? I’ve been getting errors where pnmflip is reporting “pnmflip: out of memory allocating an array”. Suggestions on the Gallery2 forums seem to point to a server memory limit that I need to discuss with my “support staff”. I’ve already cranked the PHP limits using the php.ini techniques documented here: and that doesn’t seem to help any.

Has anyone else encountered this problem, and if so, were you able to correct it?


  • Mike


It sounds to me as though you have done all you can do at this point. Note that there is only some much you can do via php.ini - the shared server memory/processing time limits will eventually win out to protect the usability of the server for all users.

If doing this processing “on server” is important to you (you don’t want to do a “pre-process” before uploading), then maybe you should consider DreamHost PS where you can reserve, and pay for, dedicated memory for your processes.



Have the errors said how much memory you have/need? I’m wondering if the php.ini tweaks have taken effect, or it’s still using the default PHP settings.