Issues with FusionBB 1.0



I’ve recently installed FusionBB for testing on a new subdomain of mine. It works beautifully…except for one nagging issue.

"URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration"

Yes, I’ve read the previous threads about this being disabled as well as the Wiki entry with “workarounds”. However, I wanted to know if anyone else had tried FusionBB on DreamHost and figured out a way around this issue.

I posted about this in the FusionBB support forum:

The response was essentially “Yeah, I’m not sure how else to fetch a remote file, if you can’t fetch a remote file. I’ve never seen a host disable this though… and I’ve worked on a lotta sites.”

Yeah, really helpful. … :frowning:

…and so now I turn to the DreamHosted masses for help. I know Perl programming, but zero PHP…so I’m kinda stuck.


well, the best way around it is to follow the directions in the forum and wiki to convert the url fopen to a curl statement. More and more hosts are disabling this feature becuase it’s a secuirty risk.

You could also compile your own version of php and enable fopen. Instructions for installing php can be found in the wiki.



It might help if you post some code for us to look at.

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