Issues with FTP Upload in Adobe Muse

I’ve used Dreamhost for years, but always with sites I designed in Adobe Dreamweaver. Today, I tried to design a site in Adobe Muse and upload it to one of my Dreamhost domains. Unfortunately, I got an error that said that the “folder doesn’t appear to point to site” during the upload process, with Muse giving me two options: “Fix” or “Ignore.” Fix just sent me back to the window I just left (presumably to change some of the information) while Ignore let the ftp process seemingly complete successfully. Muse would then automatically send me to the site, where I would just get a 404 error.

The whole process was maddening, and all my Googling efforts seemed to show me that many people out there have had the same issue, and that it seemed to originate in Muse itself. Adobe’s forums had a number of posts about it dating back to late 2014, but nothing seems to have been done about the problem.

Fortunately, Dreamhost has live customer support chat, and I got matched up with a tech named Kan who gave SUPER service. We tried lots of different things, but kept getting the same error. We finally theorized that Muse was having trouble parsing aliases, so typing your domain into the logical places in Muse’s FTP windows did n’t work, when it worked fine in Dreamweaver.

So after much patient work from Kan, here’s the solution we found:
You need to know on which server Dreamhost is hosting your domain. I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to tell this (Kan just told me in our chat) but I do see it listed in the Dreamhost control panel. Under the “Manage Domains” option, if you click the “Edit” button under the “Web Hosting” column next to your listed domain, the resulting page will have a “Users, Files, and Paths” section that will say “Run this domain under the user” and then have your username followed by (on SERVERNAME). I guess you could also ask in chat like I did.

Once you have that server name, go to the Muse FTP options and under “FTP Server,” type in “”. In the next screen, where Muse lets you enter a “Folder On Server,” go ahead and type your site name (with no “www”). With any luck, your site should upload to Dreamhost with no problem.

This seems to be an issue with Muse. Fortunately, the fix seems to be pretty easy. I can now use the easy webmaking tools of Muse, and quickly FTP everything to Dreamhost. Success!

Thanks Kan!