Issues with converting to dreampress


I’m having issues with converting a wordpress client from godaddy shared service to dreamhost’s dreampress.

What dreamhost gave me was a generic wordpress installation. What I want is to completely convert the site to dreamhost while letting it operate on godaddy, until DH is ready and tested.

The first problem I ran into was dreamhost uses named links ( for EVERYTHING, and is a running godaddy site. I found a kludge online and changed my dns server on my mac to dreamhost and I was abole to haltingly proceed.

The first step I took was to remove all the files in the DH site’s subdirectory, then ftp all the godaddy files into dreamhost. Then I exported the sql files from godaddy. I ran into a problem because the export was 24mb, so first I compressed the file, then PHPadmin crashed because it ran out of memory.

I was able to break the file into pieces and run it through phpadmin.

As I was converting the site to DH, on my mac that used DH as a nameserver, I kept getting 503 errors. Httpd_config errors site unavalable. Sent an email to DH and they encouraged me to set up a mirror to dreamhosters. Did this, same error.

Even more confusing was a mirror to a second mysql database. I uploaded my sql info to both databases just to be safe and changed wp-config to use either one, and I still got a 503 error.

Finally, I assumed it was me, and I went to godaddy and changed the A record on DNS to point to dreamhost; of course the effect of this was to crash the working website and return a 503 to the world. Awesome! About an hour later, I changed the record back and we are reworking on godaddy.

Am I an idiot? Probably. Should this be that difficult? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I updated wp-config which was improperly configured (it was pointing to godaddy) and now I can see the home page works when I use the dreamhosters site name, HOWEVER, everything I do off the home page goes back to the live godaddy site, including wp-login.



At a glance, I’d try setting the subbie in the wp config and use either a mysql.dreamhosters connection or the actual MySQL IP to ensure everything this side stays this side while you’re setting up.


define('WP_HOME',''); define('WP_SITEURL',''); define('DB_HOST', '');

Do you think DreamPress is really worth $250 a year? If so, why?