Issues with Cloudflare and Concrete5

Does anyone know why I might not be able to login to my Concrete5 (v8) site with Cloudflare enabled? Does it have to do with SSL and Cloudflare, by chance?

Once Cloudflare is disabled, I can get in just fine.

Hart Matthews

I think I may have answered my own question after I eventually got into my site. Cloudflare seems to do some redirecting, and there’s also caching configurable within Concrete5.

Having Cloudflare turned on caused problems with SSL redirection, logging into the Concrete5 dashboard and possibly also using canonical URLs.

thanks for sharing the solution with us :slight_smile:

hello, I have been attempting a manual install of version 8.3.2 with errors. Can you share how you manged to get it running? I have a site running at version and I want to do a clean install to a higher version.

Steve Clarke