Issues w/ Explorer on PC

I’m very new to this, and recently set up a couple of sites. I coded them myself in textedit on a mac, they’re very simple pages w/ a few images/links. Then, I just changed the extension from .txt to .html and ftp’ed them up to my site.

Pretty rudimentary, I’m aware, but I’m no web genius and can’t afford any expensive software.

I can view them just fine on firefox, safari, and explorer on my apple. Others using PCs running explorer cannot. Someone even told me that instead of loading the page it tried to download a file. Weird.

Anyhow, I’ve tried lots, w/ no success, and I’ve searched around but turned up no answers. So this is my hail mary. Anyone have any advice? I hope I’ve provided the basic clues. The sites are:

I’m using Internet Explorer and I can see them just fine. =/

Yeah, I took ardco’s advice and things seem to be working now. I tried NVU, which seems like a pretty sweet program. I’m thinking of trying out the mozilla composer software as well.