Issues uploading

Last day or so, when ever I’ve gone to upload something, it starts fine, but between 65 and 200kb into the upload, it appears to drop the connection, reconnect, and restart uploading, then report an error. I’ve tried both Transmit and mc’s built in FTP client.

Yesterday, it would do it every single time, reporting “Error -135: Socket write error”, but today, I was able to upload two files before it reported a disk space error for the 3rd file, and then proceeded to go back to the socket issue on everything.

I’m on inko, and have only about 700mb of my allotment used.

Anyone else have this issue?

Does your FTP user have a limit on the amount of space it can use? Check in the Panel > Users > Manage Users and make sure that your user isn’t out of space (not necessarly the same as how much space your plan has).

If that’s not the case I’d contact support.

–Matttail - personal website

Nope, no restrictions what so ever.

Do you have any software or hardware Firewalls active that may be causing problems?


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